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Our health navigation platform connects hundreds of health vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs into one comprehensive health and wellbeing experience. We guide individuals—based on their unique profile—to the best resources available to them, whether they are healthy, chronically ill, or actively seeking medical care. Castlight transforms the employee benefit experience into a deeply personalized, yet simple, guided one, empowering better-informed patient decisions to unlock better healthcare outcomes and maximizing return on healthcare investments.

Castlight Complete

Comprehensive health navigation helps employees improve their health journey, whether they are healthy, managing a condition or actively seeking medical care.

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Castlight’s Navigation Solution: Helping Employers Reduce Healthcare Costs

Large employers in the US continue to see healthcare costs rise at a rate of 6% annually. In fact, some studies anticipate medical cost trends could be as high as 10% in 2021 due to the impact of deferred care during the pandemic in 2020. Many solution providers are trying to address this challenge, but few are successful.

Castlight is excited to bring the latest results of a third-party validated study by Santa Barbara Actuaries (SBA) to show the impact we’re making on reducing healthcare costs for some of America’s largest employers.

When employers implement Castlight’s navigation solution, both the employer and the employee experience significant financial savings.

The purpose of the report was to review the impact that Castlight has on healthcare costs for their employer customers. SBA validated that employers who implemented Castlight’s Navigation solution saw significant savings in healthcare costs. Specifically, employers saw:

  • 9.1% year-over-year reduction in medical spend trend among members who use Castlight compared to a matched control group
  • $339 per-member-per-year (PMPY) lower average 2019 medical spend across members who used Castlight compared to their matched cohort
  • $814 per-employee-per-year (PEPY) lower average 2019 medical spend across members who used Castlight compared to their matched cohort
  • Overall estimated savings of 5.5% across Castlight users with respect to their 2019 matched control cost and compared to non-Castlight users

These savings were observed across all adult age brackets and all risk tiers.

Download the study here:

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