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What is Castlight Health’s ticker symbol?

Our ticker symbol is CSLT.

When was Castlight Health founded?

Castlight Health was founded in 2008.

What exchange is Castlight Health stock traded on?

Our common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What was the date of Castlight Health’s initial public offering?

Friday March 14th, 2014.

How can I invest in Castlight Health?

You must contact a registered broker to invest in the common stock of Castlight Health.

Where is Castlight Health headquartered?

We are headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Does Castlight Health pay a cash dividend?

We have not declared or paid cash dividends on our common stock. We currently do not anticipate declaring any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.

Who is Castlight Health’s transfer agent?

Our transfer agent is:

American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, LLC
6201 15th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11219
Phone: # 1-800-937-5449
Email: (please include a reference to CastLight. Health)

How can I get Castlight Health’s financial documents?

Please refer to the Financial Information section within this investor relations website for online versions of financial documents such as Form 10-Q or Form 10-K, annual reports and other financial documents.

When is the stockholder meeting held?

The date of the stockholder meeting will be determined by our Board of Directors. Proxy materials and annual reports will be available online and mailed approximately one month prior to the meeting.

Who is Castlight Health's independent auditor?

Our independent auditor is Ernst & Young LLP.

Who is Castlight Health's corporate counsel?

Our corporate counsel is Fenwick & West LLP.

When will earnings be announced?

When a date for the quarterly results release has been established, it will be announced in a press release and will be listed under the Press Release section within the investor relations area of our website.

When does Castlight Health’s fiscal year end?

Our fiscal year ends on December 31.

How can I contact Castlight Health Investor Relations?

Investor related questions can be submitted to Castlight Health via the IR Contact section within this investor relations website.

How can I get added to Castlight Health’s mailing list?

You can sign up for e-mail alerts notifying you of new press releases, SEC filings or corporate actions and events via the Email Alerts section within this investor relations website.

How do interested parties communicate with the Chairperson of Castlight?

Bryan Roberts serves as our Executive Chairman of the Board. Interested parties wishing to communicate with our Chairperson may write to Mr. Roberts at Castlight Health, Inc., Attn: Corporate Secretary, 150 Spear Street, Suite 400, San Francisco, California 94105. Our Corporate Secretary will forward these letters directly to our Chairperson. Interested parties may indicate in their letters if their communication is intended to be provided to certain director(s), including our Chairperson, only. We reserve the right not to forward to our Board of Directors, including our Chairperson, any abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate materials.

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