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Our health navigation platform connects hundreds of health vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs into one comprehensive health and wellbeing experience. We guide individuals—based on their unique profile—to the best resources available to them, whether they are healthy, chronically ill, or actively seeking medical care. Castlight transforms the employee benefit experience into a deeply personalized, yet simple, guided one, empowering better-informed patient decisions to unlock better healthcare outcomes and maximizing return on healthcare investments.

Castlight Complete

Comprehensive health navigation helps employees improve their health journey, whether they are healthy, managing a condition or actively seeking medical care.

Click here to access the Castlight Complete product demo webcast and presentation for the financial community.

Castlight Impact

In 2019, compared to non-users within Castlight customers’ populations, users engaging with the Castlight platform had significantly lower total medical spend, including:

  • Overall: Reduction of $179 PMPY or 5.4% in total medical spend
  • Highly Engaged: For customers in the Top 20 for user engagement, user savings increased to $237 PMPY or 6.3%
  • High-Risk Conditions: Reduction in medical spend for sub-populations, including patients with low back pain and high-risk pregnancy, achieved a total cost saving of $106 PMPY (2.0%) and $631 PMPY (2.8%), respectively
  • Site of Care: Total medical spend saving for emergency room visits resulted in $131 PMPY (29.0%)

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